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What I Love About Me


This week in my Self Care Challenge(which you can totes join for free btw,) we are naming one thing each day that we that love about ourselves. And I thought I would share here also. 💕💕💕

I love my "Acceptance" of circumstances that I CAN Change and also Acceptance of circumstances I CANNOT Change. When I stopped putting SO MUCH TIME into trying to change things that, well... really couldn't change. I started to focus more of my own energy on what I CAN change. 

My thoughts, My actions and MY reactions became priority #1. And ya know, that's not selfish at all. I became more loving to those around me and I didn't take things so personally either. I finally FREED myself of person who I thought I was and I accepted that I didn't want to be in that negative head space anymore. I accepted a NEW story and began to take a new path in life. I haven't figured it all out- but I love that I allow myself to accept where I was at and look at what I could change. I encourage you today to take a look at what you can do today to accept and love who you are ENOUGH to write a new story for your life too. We have one life friends. Make it a happy one. 

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