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For 2019 I have a new's "TRANSFORMING ME".

The video from today and the Pics are from 11 years ago at my bridal shower at age 24. I had recently moved 10 hours away from family and friends, got married and I didn't have a job. I felt lost so I turned to food and started my binge/emotional eating habits all over again (they initially started in HS). It's been a journey to say the least and my Transformation didn't start until I decided to love who I was no matter how I felt or how I looked. 

I decided enough was enough. I MUST face the demons that had me turning to food if I wanted to be happy. And so my transformation journey started and it's STILL going. We are ALWAYS transforming. Not just physically but mentally too. I've found a system that works for me and I'm not here to say "hey everyone, come see how I look!" My BIGGEST FEAR is people thinking I have an far from me. I judge myself too harshly. Instead I want this post to encourage you to NOT. GIVE. UP.

TRANSFORMING ME into my BEST self is Not just physically but emotionally too. I'm not making myself small because of fear of judgment....especially by judging myself!!! I will NOT let my negative thoughts block who I was always meant to be... I am a GREAT wife, sister, daughter, friend, Instructor, Coach and mentor to my team and I will CONTINUE to Transform to become even greater. Watch out 2019, I’m coming for ya!!!!!!! ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼


I always loved sports but didn't grow up really GREAT at one thing. But being raised in a small town in Indiana everyone played basketball and I was definitely better at playing basketball than I was at test-taking. I 'tried' college and when I say the word 'try' I mean I showed up a few times over the year that I attended. School was NOT for me. So I dropped out. 

I worked in my sister’s cafe until 2007 when I moved to Pennsylvania and got married to my best friend Eddie. <3  I needed a job so that same year I started in fitness at the local YMCA . I showed people how to use machines that I barely knew how to use (I vividly remember showing someone how to use the back extension as a crunch machine- needless to say it didn't work until I read the HOW TO sign on it. Can you say embarrassing!?!?! LOL) 

With very little experience and no certifications to my name in 2008 I went for my first license and  I became a Zumba instructor!!! And years following I worked for gyms and studios and even opened up my own place. I KNEW I wanted a fitness career but year after year my certification expenses added up- I eventually made LESS than what I was bringing in!!!!! What the what!?!? But one thing it's taught me- people STILL need help with nutrition and fitness & I shouldn't stop trying to help. 

I didn't want to become a Nutritionist or Dietitian. Going back to school would have put me in debt. So what was left? Was there really a way to make a full time income working for myself and also helping people with fitness AND nutrition? I also wanted to do this job without being spammy. So could it be done? The answer was always there but I didn't have enough belief in MYSELF to pursue it. But in 2014 I took that leap and it's been the BEST decision I've made for my fitness career.

 I was teaching 15+ classes and personal training during this time but  I KNOW what it felt like to live paycheck to paycheck and I was SICK OF IT.  Seriously lack of Sleep and Overtraining my body was crushing my soul (bc I love sleep. LIKE…. A LOT.)  and I knew something had to change.  I put in the work and in about 2 1/2  years I replaced both my and my husband’s income. I couldn't believe it. Of ALL people I am seriously not as driven as most.... TBH I woke up at noon today!!! But seriously I wanted a job where I could set my OWN schedule and I will NEVER teach another 6am bootcamp class again! lol. I will teach it in the afternoon though ;) 

And I want to help other fitness pros who might be in the same predicament I was. If you are curious about what I do and HOW helping people online in our Virtual Fit Clubs actually works then I invite you to join my group here.

This line of work is amazing and you can  connect with SO MANY MORE people online!!!! I just heard IG hit 1 BILLION Active users!!! I mean seriously finding YOUR CLIENTS is easier than EVER now.  I mean it still takes work- and you gotta put in the work but you only need about 1-2 hours a day!!! (NO CERTS REQUIRED)  I was working full time when I became a Coach and I was worried about juggling my time. Not anymore. I now work LESS because of the time freedom I have.  SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT IT.... Your Schedule is yours and I look forward to seeing if this career path could work for you like it has done for me and so many others!!!!!  TTYL!!! 


Your friend and Coach,

Sarah Placencia