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Act the Part


We accept the love and respect we expect from others but the most important love and respect comes from one person...and I think you know that person is YOU.
I noticed when I ACTUALLY started loving myself with eating right, not over-training and pursuing a business that fulfilled ME I started to become happier, healthier and fulfilled. 
Don't settle for anything less my friends. Yes, our environment affects us but more importantly its our responsibility to take ACTION towards to a better life. No more blaming. No more excuses. Show up to the life you deserve. You deserve greatness, now act the part, you rockstar, you 💞😘💞

Crab Mentality


Life is too short to hang with people who bring you down. The only way to grow is to build positivity ALL AROUND YOU!!!! 
No more crabs yall! Did you ever hear that CRAB mentality!?!?!? Its crazy how much you recognize it when you start to take care of yourself. Let me explain.....
🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀This crab mentality is "If I can't have it, neither can you". Crabs trapped in a bucket will undermine any other crabs effort for escape...sadly people do the same by tearing down the self confidence of others out of spite, resentment or feeling like they are in competition and there's not enough room in the world for them BOTH to be successful. 
Can I get an amen if you are gonna love on MY photos and The photos of OTHERS just doing their positive thang!?!?!? 
Listen I used to do that....envy girls I thought were pretty and smarter and MORE successful than me....and yep, that got me NOWHERE. And I realized I had more words of gossip than growth and I was being a FREAKIN CRAB!!!!! No more!!!!! Im so grateful I've found a tribe of people who UNDERSTAND REAL POSITIVITY who just want to make the world a better place. Find your tribe. Love them and grow everyday. The crabs will find someone else to torture as for me and my crew, we gonna continue doing great things!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌#spreadpositivity #hpa2018 #onlincoaches#happylife #bestlife

Palm Trees


Is it just me or does the sight of palm trees make your heart happy too???😍🙌
This whole experience has made me look at life with a whole new appreciation of the people and places I've seen and I have yet to see. 
Life is beatiful and so are you my friend. Never underappreciate your value, talents and gifts. Too many people need YOU to step up and live OUTLOUD showing hope and love and happiness day after day. #greatnessawaits #letsdothis

My Own Boss


Ok, no we didn't drive all the way to the beach but I am so freaking gosh darn fortunate to be traveling again this month. 😍 And it almost didn't happen.

4 years ago I almost said NO, because I has joined an online company before...and it didn't work for me...
I almost didnt become my own boss because I lacked confidence in myself. 
I almost let my fears control my life.
I almost listened to the negative people that doubted this......

But I didn't. I decided I not only WANTED a change. But I NEEDED it. And I'm so freaking glad I'm here 4 years later saying to one of my besties......😍🏖"LETS TRAVEL, WHERE TO NEXT!?!?!"

I'm my OWN boss by helping people become their healthiest and also mentoring others to rock this. Have you ever wanted to travel!? What about work from wherever?! While also working to crush your own healthy goals!?!?!?! Yea. I could go on about how I love this, but I can show you HOW. I used to think people would judge me if I talked about HOW I can help them too, but really it would be selfish if I didn't share how this could change YOUR LIFE like it did MINE!!!!! I'm here to help if you have questions....Because wouldn't it be awesome if you slapped your fears in the face too?!?!?!#onlinecoach #letsgosomewhere


See You Soon


I'm gonna miss this man so much!!!! Every year I take a few weeks to go teach Zumba & Pound classes (AZ,CO,NM) which I'm STOKED ABOUT ....but I am already missing @edplacencia 😭😭😭 I know, I know, boo hoo, but for realz yo, everyday there isn't an hour we DON'T see eachother!!!!

I will never take for granted the fact that we both work from home doing what we love. I think it strengthened our relationship even more being able to talk more often, bounce ideas off each other & support one another in our passions.

To be honest when I was younger I thought marriage meant fights and divorce and sadness but ya grow up and learn it actually works out when you just show love by not just SAYING it but by acting as if it were the last day you saw them. EVERYDAY. 

I love you babes and thanks for being you. I’m gonna miss morning coffee and hugs and Spider-Man video games and cuddle times with you and the cat!!! Can't wait to see you soon. I'll be looking forward to hearing your "really good jokes" and banter on TWITCH 🤣😉😘 #marriedmybestfriend#lovehimsomuch

Detox Done


3 Day Detox done!!!! I said I would share a pic so here it is. Honesty I don't see much of a change but I FEEL a HUGE change. I needed to kick my sugar, cut back on my caffeine and clean the toxins out of my gut and that’s what I did!!! 🥑🍅🥦🥕🥒🍋🌶🍒And no, I don't believe in quick fixes but I do believe that it's important to keep your body in check and make sure you are letting it heal from the inside out. Too many of our foods are now overly processed and this "food" is causing us to get majorly sick. It's time to cut out the crap more regularly and not give in to too many temptations. Don't get me wrong.... I'm still gonna enjoy a treat here and there but after waking up feeling amazing today I'm ready to KEEP ON treating my body RIGHT with "actual foods" that HEAL the body. 🙌🙌🙌 

If you want info in the same Vegan detox I did drop a comment or send me a message. I have a new group starting October 1st who want to crush this too!!!!! #diaryofmydetox #virtualfitclub #cleangut#happygut



That moment when you realize you need to film a months worth of workouts....TUHHH-DAY. 🙉🙉🙉

Yep, procrastinator calling herself out here!!!! But I'm saying it WILL get done....bc who said procrastinators aren't successful!?!?!? Ok, I'm sure many said that but I'm still gonna do it. ✊

I notice my brain and body goes into overdrive and I'm able to do it because it MUST be done. It's that ALL IN, NO OTHER OPTION MENTALITY that's helps me get it done. 

Are you also one who pushes some projects aside!?!? Do you still manage to get it all done?!?! Any tips from those "organized time managers" ya'll have super powers...and I need a little of it!!🤣😭



Ya ever notice the more you eat pizza or burgers or ice cream the MORE you crave it!?!? Well the same is true for HEALTHY foods too!!! 

It’s true y'all, your taste buds CAN change and even if you say.... "I CANT eat veggies"... I want you to re-word it and say "I WONT eat veggies. " Because it's a choice. Dont forget you have and always WILL have choice to eat cleaner. So, either you will or you won't. #truthbomb 

If you are REALLY WANTING to become healthier then be willing to to eat healthier & introduce veggies everyday into your diet!!!! Here’s a few tips that worked for me......

♡Add seasonings!!! Fresh thyme, rosemary and sage are a good mix, the fresher the better too. 😉

♡Try cooking it differently. Instead of sauteeing try baking them at 375 for 15-25 min. Brussel sprouts and broccoli taste better to me that way.

♡Sneak it in!!! Usually a cup of spinach isn't even tasted in a smoothie!!!!! 

#cleangut #diaryofmydetox#absaremadeinthekitchen

Detox Day 2


I'm not a cook, but I can cut a veggie....almost with no accidents. 🤣✊

So it's day 2 of my vegan detox....feeling pretty good. I decided to not cook my veggies today and went with some guacamole tacos!!!! 
I was going to use endive for chips, but they didn't have any at the store! 🙊 So I found this endive looking lettuce called NAPA🤷‍♀️Meh, so what the hey!!??! I like trying new things. And guys.....

THIS.WAS.AMAZING!!!!! Here's the ingredients if ya want to try it!

🥑NAPA(whatever that is) for the taco part
🥑Diced yellow onion
🥑Cherry tomatoes
Seasonings: Cumin, salt and pepper

#diaryofmydetox #gaucamole #cleangut#cleanseforlife #3daydetox



"Not all those who wander are lost."
I was just thinking about that quote today because in 4 days I will be traveling for a few weeks to visit AZ, CO and to NM!!! And I'm ecstatic!!! HEARING about adventures is not the same as LIVING those adventures. Whenever you have the chance or opportunity to do what you love and travel and make new friends...TAKE IT!!!! CREATE IT & MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!! Stay curious and stay wandering because there is beauty in this world and not enough time to appreciate it. 🗺 #sheexplores#wanderer

Fur Momma


I always preferred stuffed animals over baby dolls growing up🐒🐩🐱🐊🐧🐦 I have every emoji for my fav stuffed animals....yes even a parakeet that didn't bite (unlike my real one that hated me, but I still loved it 🤣) Sooooooo wonder I prefer fur-babies over real babies 🤣 no offense to those that ARE mommas or Wanting to be mommas. I'm wanting to speak to the fur mommas out there and girrrrrl, there ain't nothing wrong with you. 

If you don't feel accepted in a society that always asks WHEN you are having kids or WHY you don't want them, I want you to know that you don't have to find a reason you don't WANT kids of your own. People will ALWAYS question what they don't know. And this area of my life needs no explanation. I''m complete and I have purpose. And so does every woman. We ALL are awesome 😘👌

Three Detox Tips


For those of you joining me or doing a "detox" of any kind I have 3 tips for you so that you can have the BEST results!!!! 

Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces each day? NO!?!?! It's time to start TODAY. Set times on your phone. NOW. 

You might think you eat healthy but what about the mindless snacking...or the extra starbucks latte...or the snacks while you MAKE dinner....yea, those cals ADD UP!!!! When you track it, you can see where you can improve and constantly ask ...Am I consuming too much sugar, caffeiene or processed "Boxed" or packaged foods? it time to add in more vegetables and WHOLE foods? Make those changes after you see where you can improve!!!!

Movement helps your body to absorb nutrients more effectively! Seriously....I googled it. 😉 Keeping active releives stress and helps you maintain a healthy weight...which both affect your digestion!! So even if its walking or yoga, a fitness class, zumba or strength training. Whatever moves your butt, helps your gut 🤣👌 #diaryofmydetox

See Ya Later, Drama


See ya later drama✌......listen ya'll, People will let you down. It's inevitable and it sucks.... And instead of asking WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN...and wasting your energy on something you can't control, I recommend spending your energy on YOU. Move towards making YOURSELF happier. It's not selfish to take care of YOU. 
Repeat after me....

🖤 I do not allow others opinions or words or actions bring me down.

🖤 I am enough and I will always be enough and I've always been enough. ALWAYS. 

🖤 I am kind, I am brave, I am beautiful, I am smart and if someone doesn't appreciate that then I feel bad they don't see the awesomeness right in front of them!!!!! #theirloss

Because yes.....I felt belittled and small and underappreciated at times but because this is "social media" you might see more of the "happy" times of my life... but in all honesty I feel THIS WAY too. Just keeping it real witcha. Bc you aren't alone in the sucky times. They happen. Now repeat those affirmations and then do something good for YOU. It helps ✌ xo

I Am Enough and So Are You


I can be harsh on myself at times. I judge myself a little too much. I take things a little too personally. I blame myself for my failures and I even judge myself for others failures..."did I not do my best!?" "I must suck at this if I can't help them." "I should have been there MORE"...etc.

Seriously ya'll, it's a hot mess in my brain at times and it's because I forget to stop and remember my OWN worth. I need to realize that my worth is not based on my actions. I'm worthy because I was created by God. I'm worthy because I AM ENOUGH. I am worthy because I exist. My worth never changes because it cannot be taken away. Even in a world of judgement, my worth always stays the same. And so does yours.

If you are basing your worth on your actions or your past then you will NOT appreciate your own worth also. It's time to Forgive yourself. It's time to stop basing your worth on what you do or don't do. It's time to Love yourself and tell yourself ..."I am worthy to be loved and I love myself." Think it, say it and live by it.
When we know our worth we realize no one can take away what has ALWAYS been there. Not even ourselves. 💜🧡💜 #melrobbins #5secondrule#onlinecoach #weareworthy

Let Ish Go


Time to let some ish go. Yea, the stuff that makes us bitter. The people or jobs that have us running to our bestie to complain about DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. I know because its me. Ask my husband 🙊....yep I catch myself at times complaining. I have to ask myself....

"Are you playing the victim role AGAIN!!?" We know how that ends. Things don't change when YOU aren't in the wrong...its everyone and everything around us that needs to change. Ha!!! Well sorry to say it's kinda the opposite. 😏🙄

The sooner we realize that we need to LET IT GO AND MOVE ON, then the sooner we can take action on things that DO make us happier. So that's my challenge to you today. About to complain? Instead, do something productive that can help pull you out of the negative situation. Because most likely you are missing opportunities for growth because sometimes you would rather sit and complain and put your energy into negativity than into positivity and change. Well let's take a new path. I'm calling myself out in this too. Because it's never too late to change the direction of our future. Let's make it a great life friends.👌

Blogging Brunettes


Who doesn't love building dreams with one of their best friends from HS!?!?!? 👛💪💁‍♀️ Candace 'Rose' Post Just Posted has always been such an encourager and after so much time talking about working together we decided that YES. IT'S TIME TO DO IT!!!!!! Are we both building our careers- her with with Coaching?!?!?? Um YESSS. But there will never be a RIGHT TIME to do anything. You just DO IT!!!!!! So we are working on our site now with sharing more about what it is we do and HOW we do it so we can help other boss babes find their passion and motivation to do it too!!! I'm putting this out into the universe so I can help hold myself accountable to it. Because I have a feeling this is gonna be epic 🤩🤩🤩#bloggingbrunettes

No More Try


Change begins at the end of your comfort zone and success happens when you stay consistent to those positive changes day after day. ✊✊✊

So get out of your comfort zone.TODAY. No more doubts. No more "TRYS". No more fears. No more negative self talk...

Instead I say YES to loving myself. I say YES to loving others. I say YES to staying true to my word. I say YES to DOING what I said I would do!!! I say YES to having the faith to take the next step!!!!!

Because I KNOW what quitting looks like and I'm ready to KNOW what my BEST life looks and feels like. We don't get yesterday back friends so do your BEST with the REST of your life 😘👌#doyourbestforgettherest #onlinecoach#sweatwithsarah #virtualfitclub