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I'm gonna LIVE, LOVE & LIFT myself and others UP. And btw, I don't want you to think I'm vain talking about things I love about myself- because it's day 2 in our "What do you love about yourself?' Challenge. So I'm gonna share regardless😘 it goes. I actually asked Eddie what I should write down for day 2 and he said - "you like to cuddle" . lol. I laughed and said thats not what I LOVE about myself...but wait, maybe it is?? And yes, it's true... I'm a touchy, huggy, cuddly & emotional type of person. I even go into target and have to touch ALLLLL the clothes bc I want to FEEL it ALL!!! But, it's true- I DO love that about me. To me that means that I'm OK with getting close to people and I love that I can be loving and let my guard down, because that wasn't always the case.

I remember when I was little getting made fun of for crying ALOT. (thanks older's all good, you are nice now 😘 but when I was little as soon as I was looked at as weak I SHUT IT DOWN!!!! (as Gordon Ramsey would say ;) 

This harder, angrier side even second guessed 'nice' people because I thought that was fake- and 'cryers' yea, that meant weak to me now too. It wasn't until I got married and Eddie helped me peel back the layers of who I really was. Because yep, I want to feel loved and it's so so important to me now that it's no wonder I'm in the health/fitness/self-care field. I want so bad for others to know it's OK to be your true self. It's OK to love yourself. It's OK to cry. It's OK to be close to people. It's OK to trust people. (The right, uplifting people, btw ;)

I once heard we accept the love we think we deserve. And I couldn't agree more with that saying. Looking back I thought I deserved less - so I accepted less. But I don't anymore. And I'm so thankful for that. Yes I LOVE that I am lover of people, and of life. And YES, Life is so much better when we live in that love <3 Isn't that what Living really is about!?!?! To love others(including ourself) regardless of race, size, sexual orientation, age...any of it!!?!? I think YES. 👭👫👬 #loveandbeloved #liveinlight#transform2k19 
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