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So...How Did It Go?


So how did your first day of the first of 2018 go!?!?!?? Not exactly as planned?!?!? So what if everything isn't perfect! It's not supposed to be!!!!! I'm by NO MEANS a perfectionist (ask eddie what our bedroom looks's on my list to do btw...😭😂😭)Anyhoo..... I had a packed full day so I had to push my workout to 11pm. So what!? 
Seriously though ... I know for me my life is not about making it perfect. It's about Loving myself and loving others and finding purpose in a job that aligns with just that. Wherever you are and whatever you do try to encourage and uplift someone new each day. Your outlook starts to change when you realize happiness is a choice and how we treat ourselves and others is what REALLY MATTERS. Make an impact in 2018. Make it a GREAT impact. 🤜🤛