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What You're Fighting For

Punching and kicking STARTED my love for fitness and Workout #8 had me like "YASSSSS bring back that Tae Bo!!!"

It's funny to think that my health journey started as a teen and I'm so thankful my mom had multiple vhs tapes to sweat to. I TRULY believe health MUST start in the home in order to have success long term. Here's my story of WHY I think that.....

I was 16 & we moved to Arkansas in the fall of 1999 because Y2K "might" happen. For those that don't know what Y2K isπŸ‘‰πŸ½it was gonna be the end times/world ending type of chaos. Internet would shut down, wars would ensue & we needed to be prepared to fight and also live where the emp(electro magnetic pulses) would not kill us all. So we had our dried milk and chickens and fingers crossed πŸ€ž

Hey, better safe than sorry some would say. I know there might not be many that can relate to this part of my story but hey, if you relate to living in fear, then trust me. I FEEL YOU. πŸ™

It was that year without my friends that I felt pretty lonely so I turned to fighting back and turning my alone into something positive. It was a vhs tape of TAE BO. I did the same 2 workouts everyday for almost a year straight!!!! Dude, seriously I fell in love with the endorphins and how much stronger I felt physically and it helped me begin to feel emotionally strong as well.

I honestly have to say I'm SO THANKFUL for that year we "went underground " because without that fear and a WANT to become stronger, less fearful & become more confident in myself and in others I HAD to go through that! I HAD to find happiness & I found it through doing something GOOD for me. It was the first time I knew what self love felt like and I KNEW fitness would be forever with me because I CAN control pressing play and getting my sweat on, anywhere & anytime.

I'm forever grateful I joined a company that can help change Thousands of lives because YES, we NEED options for when we don't have time for the gym. And we need to remember fitness is only ONE aspect of this. We MUST have healthy food AT HOME in order to have success!! And mindset is EVERYTHING ....ALWAYS Remember what you are fighting for. ALWAYS. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•