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I Wish...

I hear ya loud and clear....


"I wish I had your body."

"I wish I had your motivation."

"I wish I liked vegetables."

"I wish...I wish...I wish..."

Listen guys I will tell you all day everyday that your wishing won't get you anywhere. What you have to ask is "Do I WANT this bad enough?"

And I'm not talking about abs here...even though I posted this to get your attention....Because deep down this is NOT about the physical appearance. TRUE health is about how healthy your body is on the INSIDE.

Everyone has different shapes and sizes and we ALL need to embrace and LOVE what we have NOW because if we AREN'T grateful for what we CAN DO in this moment, then we will NEVER be happy whether we achieve results or not.

So this is my challenge to you...write in a journal daily about what you love about you and WHY you CHOOSE to love your body with positive self talk, better nutrition(80% clean, bc I still have my bagel or πŸ• and I think you should too) and don’t forget exercise! Even if it's a 10 min walk, squats in place or wall push ups. Just start somewhere. If we don't love who we are now, then how do we expect to get ANYWHERE BETTER TOMORROW?!?! So love yourself. In this moment. RIGHT NOW. Because you deserve love. And yourself shouldn't have to wait any longer for it. πŸ’•