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How Are You Better?

How are you better?


We are constantly changing and we are either getting better, or worse. It's even in wedding vows "for better or worse." And I can say my path was on the WORSE path a few years back.

Sure I got involved in fitness but while I was teaching SO MANY fitness classes I would come home and binge eat and then go through the cycle of starvation and my weight would fluctuate with this yo-yo lifestyle....for years.

My emotional eating and over-training was wreaking havoc on my body. I HAD to do something BETTER for me if I wanted to STOP getting WORSE.

Enter this little thing called COACHING. And truly it CHANGED MY LIFE and the ONLY reason I share this is because if it's made my life better then I KNOW it could help someone else.

5 years in....
🌞I have a better relationship with food
🌞I have a stronger body 
🌞I have a better sleep schedule (no more 6am classes ðŸ™)
🌞I have a better income(my one week paychecks are what I used to make working full time at the gym for 5 weeks.)
🌞I have better relationship with my husband( he was able to quit his job and pursue what he's passionate about from home too!)

Listen babes, I want to work with those wanting something better. I can ask you again in 5 years or you can join NOW and we can grow this thing TOGETHER. I'm offering a private open house for those curious.


***PS....This opportunity does not guarantee any level of success. It's only the butt kickers, goal getters and people that work for it who are rewarded. Pretty great right!? Your level of success is based solely on YOU helping OTHERS. ðŸ˜˜