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Show Up


Sometimes the hardest thing to do is SHOW UP.....

I started teaching locally again 5 weeks ago and my numbers have gone from 20 and a few less week after week and tonight down to 2...almost 3 until someone realized it was me teaching instead of someone else and she left.....While old Sarah might have let this get to her & think she's not a good instructor I quickly remember WHY I do this. And WHY I'm so so GRATEFUL I GET to do this. I GET to show up for those that WANT my help. Whether its 2, 20 or 200....everyONE matters. This isn't about me. It's about giving people enough encouragement to let them know they can do this too. 

And tonight I'm so so grateful that Penny and Jane decided that their health was important to them and I'm grateful that they wanted to spend that time getting healthier with me.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is show up, but trust me, you are worth it. And so is your instructor. 💕