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Thanks for all the love and support on yesterdays "SHOW UP" POST. It really got me thinking about what MOST of us struggle with.. and no, it's not food, fitness, relationships, career.

IT'S MINDSET. That's the #1 reason people aren't SHOWING up to living their best life. 

Yep, it's true. And it sucks to not think you are WORTHY of an awesome life.... so WHY am I talking about this?!? Because before you can change ANYTHING in your life your mindset has to be RIGHT. So with that said I'm starting a BOOK CLUB Y'ALL!!!!!!!! That way We can RETRAIN THE BRAIN, TOGETHER. 

So, Who wants to read(or listen to) the SAME book with me!?!?!That way EVERY month we are more accountable to reading one new book a month?! We can also encourage our friends to do the same, just tag em below!! Btw, this a F R E E group, I'm not getting paid, you just have to get the same audio book- cool!?!??!?
Who is up for it!?!?!?'s the book >>TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE 

Please comment below if you are doing this with me and I will add you to my book club!!!!!! Change your mindset, change your life!!!! #mindsetreset#transform2k19 #melrobbins #amazonaffiliate