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Grow to Go


It's not a secret. Sweat and dedicated work is what it takes to live the life you want. We are either ACCEPTING life the way it is OR we are leading our life to WHERE we want it to go. So that gives you 2 options..... If you don't want to work harder, then STOP complaining for what you aren't willing to work for (ohhhhh snap...)
ORRRRRRRR you can START your life down a new path and create a system for success. If you choose plan B, then reach out to people who HAVE achieved what you want, because if you are always the most driven person in the room...then you are in the wrong room.

Becoming better at anything you have to start humbled and willing to learn. Trust me, I've tried doing it in my got me no-where and bitter and envious of those more successful than me....yea I know, a total B attitude 💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ But ya live and learn. 

So choose where you want your life to be, but always remember you will only GO as long as you continue to GROW 👩‍🏫🔝