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Blogging Brunettes


Who doesn't love building dreams with one of their best friends from HS!?!?!? 👛💪💁‍♀️ Candace 'Rose' Post Just Posted has always been such an encourager and after so much time talking about working together we decided that YES. IT'S TIME TO DO IT!!!!!! Are we both building our careers- her with with Coaching?!?!?? Um YESSS. But there will never be a RIGHT TIME to do anything. You just DO IT!!!!!! So we are working on our site now with sharing more about what it is we do and HOW we do it so we can help other boss babes find their passion and motivation to do it too!!! I'm putting this out into the universe so I can help hold myself accountable to it. Because I have a feeling this is gonna be epic 🤩🤩🤩#bloggingbrunettes