Sarah Placencia

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No More Try


Change begins at the end of your comfort zone and success happens when you stay consistent to those positive changes day after day. ✊✊✊

So get out of your comfort zone.TODAY. No more doubts. No more "TRYS". No more fears. No more negative self talk...

Instead I say YES to loving myself. I say YES to loving others. I say YES to staying true to my word. I say YES to DOING what I said I would do!!! I say YES to having the faith to take the next step!!!!!

Because I KNOW what quitting looks like and I'm ready to KNOW what my BEST life looks and feels like. We don't get yesterday back friends so do your BEST with the REST of your life 😘👌#doyourbestforgettherest #onlinecoach#sweatwithsarah #virtualfitclub