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Let Ish Go


Time to let some ish go. Yea, the stuff that makes us bitter. The people or jobs that have us running to our bestie to complain about DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. I know because its me. Ask my husband 🙊....yep I catch myself at times complaining. I have to ask myself....

"Are you playing the victim role AGAIN!!?" We know how that ends. Things don't change when YOU aren't in the wrong...its everyone and everything around us that needs to change. Ha!!! Well sorry to say it's kinda the opposite. 😏🙄

The sooner we realize that we need to LET IT GO AND MOVE ON, then the sooner we can take action on things that DO make us happier. So that's my challenge to you today. About to complain? Instead, do something productive that can help pull you out of the negative situation. Because most likely you are missing opportunities for growth because sometimes you would rather sit and complain and put your energy into negativity than into positivity and change. Well let's take a new path. I'm calling myself out in this too. Because it's never too late to change the direction of our future. Let's make it a great life friends.👌