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Today is the Start


Today is the start of my Health & Wellness groups and we are sharing a quote that motivates us. For me I chose this today .....

👉Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others do. It is measured by what you do with the ability God gave you. ZIG ZIGLAR

It's 's a great reminder because I think we ALL fall into the trap of comparison sometimes and we start to measure our success based on what OTHER people do or what they have accomplished. Well coming from a gal who constantly compares herself to others (less now because of PD, thank the Lord) I KNOW comparing ONLY leads to sadness and envy. So instead I remember that my journey is like NO ONE ELSE.

You have gifts that you will ALWAYS do better than me and I have gifts that you can't do as well as me. That's what makes us AWESOME and when I appreciate your gifts rather than judge them it helps me stay more on track with my OWN journey. I hope this helps you to do the same. I'm not perfect and never will be and that's ok. We are ALL perfectly imperfect and I love you and I love me for who we are now and who we will become. 😍😘😘😘#virtualfitclub #sweatwithsarah#thesweatlifewithsarah #virtualbootcamp