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Three Detox Tips


For those of you joining me or doing a "detox" of any kind I have 3 tips for you so that you can have the BEST results!!!! 

Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces each day? NO!?!?! It's time to start TODAY. Set times on your phone. NOW. 

You might think you eat healthy but what about the mindless snacking...or the extra starbucks latte...or the snacks while you MAKE dinner....yea, those cals ADD UP!!!! When you track it, you can see where you can improve and constantly ask ...Am I consuming too much sugar, caffeiene or processed "Boxed" or packaged foods? it time to add in more vegetables and WHOLE foods? Make those changes after you see where you can improve!!!!

Movement helps your body to absorb nutrients more effectively! Seriously....I googled it. 😉 Keeping active releives stress and helps you maintain a healthy weight...which both affect your digestion!! So even if its walking or yoga, a fitness class, zumba or strength training. Whatever moves your butt, helps your gut 🤣👌 #diaryofmydetox