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Fur Momma


I always preferred stuffed animals over baby dolls growing up🐒🐩🐱🐊🐧🐦 I have every emoji for my fav stuffed animals....yes even a parakeet that didn't bite (unlike my real one that hated me, but I still loved it 🤣) Sooooooo wonder I prefer fur-babies over real babies 🤣 no offense to those that ARE mommas or Wanting to be mommas. I'm wanting to speak to the fur mommas out there and girrrrrl, there ain't nothing wrong with you. 

If you don't feel accepted in a society that always asks WHEN you are having kids or WHY you don't want them, I want you to know that you don't have to find a reason you don't WANT kids of your own. People will ALWAYS question what they don't know. And this area of my life needs no explanation. I''m complete and I have purpose. And so does every woman. We ALL are awesome 😘👌