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See Ya Later, Drama


See ya later drama✌......listen ya'll, People will let you down. It's inevitable and it sucks.... And instead of asking WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN...and wasting your energy on something you can't control, I recommend spending your energy on YOU. Move towards making YOURSELF happier. It's not selfish to take care of YOU. 
Repeat after me....

🖤 I do not allow others opinions or words or actions bring me down.

🖤 I am enough and I will always be enough and I've always been enough. ALWAYS. 

🖤 I am kind, I am brave, I am beautiful, I am smart and if someone doesn't appreciate that then I feel bad they don't see the awesomeness right in front of them!!!!! #theirloss

Because yes.....I felt belittled and small and underappreciated at times but because this is "social media" you might see more of the "happy" times of my life... but in all honesty I feel THIS WAY too. Just keeping it real witcha. Bc you aren't alone in the sucky times. They happen. Now repeat those affirmations and then do something good for YOU. It helps ✌ xo