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Go For It


Just because you fear you suck does NOT mean you shouldn't GO FOR IT!!!!!

In 10th grade I homeschooled and one good thing (well, maybe a few good things) came from that....or so I thought. When I heard that I was going to miss speech class that year I was ecstatic!!!! Seriously, when people meet me they think I'm outgoing and I can take any risk and do ALL THE THINGS....but truth be told I'm SCARED TO DEATH of public speaking!!!!! So much so that I had my first panic attack while talking on the phone to a group of people (less than 4 years ago)!!

But because of that terrible predicament (that I convinced myself I would die from) I realized that if I wanted to learn and grow and be successful, then I needed to beat this. I had to do the Fear Killer....TAKE ACTION. So I started going live and posting more video talks and I focused on talking about what I love. The fear started to become smaller.

BUUUUUUUUT....That fear is still there because I almost said NO to a speaking event.. (because I had to get up early and also leave the house 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️).

But I don't say NO to the things that scare me. I know better 😉👍 And today I had to face that public speaking fear. I spoke in front of a small group of high schools students (looks like I got that speech class in after all 😛) but instead of being nervous and scared (which I still was) I focused more on the value I was bringing to people who might be able to use it to better their futures. I talked about what it's like to be your own boss and how to do it. My bestie Candace @justpostedblog and I then heard from the students who wanted to also build their brands and learn how to make a living online. It was AWESOME hearing their excitement and being able to give them feedback on how to GO FOR IT. 

If I would have said no....then I would have not only held myself back but I wouldn't have been able to connect with INCREDIBLE INSPIRING High School students who see the world with a more hopeful perspective than most people do. It was SO REFRESHING to hear from them and I was there to teach them but honestly I learned from THEM and I'm so thankful I didn't let fear win. ✊✊✊