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True to Your Word

BE.TRUE.TO.YOUR.WORD. Today it hit me..."how often do I say I am going to do something then I procrastinate and put it off...till tomorrow!!?!??!" 
Well I realize its happening in the area of my work and my sleep. Although my schedule has been a bit off lately I'm NOT going to use that as an excuse or let myself off the hook. If I don't own up to what I SAY I'M GONNA DO...then I Will NEVER be where I wanna be!!!! Know what I'm saying ?!??!💁‍♀️ 
Are you also coming up with a list of WHY You haven't accomplished something...and letting it be OHHH KAYYYY!!?!?! Have you done it for too long!?!?!? Am I talking directly to YOU because you KNOW what I'm talking about!??!?! You have that thing you know you MUST do but it causes pain, or its "hard" or maybe you are too scared to fail and you think the timing will be right TOMORROW!!!! HOLD UP AND HEADS UP✋✋✋....the timing is not the problem it's you. and the SOLUTION isn't the timing...its ALSO YOU. its YOUR DESICION to talk the Talk AND walk the walk. You got this!! START NOW!!!!

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