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Reason to Be Happy


Just got back from a (mini) Coach Conference and it was one that left me in tears. We all had to think of a negative memory and think on those feelings of sadness, regret, anger...and well ...YEAAAHHH...that part sucked....

But then we took 3 minutes to think about 3 memories that made us sooooo grateful and in just a few minutes my mindset changed and I left so uplifted and grateful for my life. Our mindsets truly can change in the course of a few minutes so the next time you feel heart ache feel it and let yourself grieve...but if your heart aches for something from the past then it's time to let it go. Be grateful for what is NOW and also be grateful for that circumstance to shape and mold into who you are today. We all have stories of our childhood and past that we wish didn't happen but what if it happened FOR us so we could be the heroes today and ALSO help those like us? We might ask WHY ME? But what if instead we asked "HOW can I Overcome and HOW can I help others because of this? 

For example...I tend to look at the lack of connection I had growing up with people closest to me and how it's shaped me to be create my own fun and I also make sure everyone is felt loved and connected(whether they like it or not 😉😋) . And for that I'm SO SO thankful. I also look at marriage differently and because of my upbringing I make sure Eddie is loved by my words AND my actions. 

Everyone has a reason to be unhappy, but what are your reasons to be HAPPY? Why are you grateful for your life? And how can you show that gratefulness to everyone around you? Isn't it time to let go and forgive those that hurt you? Including forgiving and loving yourself? It might help to start a daily grateful list. I'm starting another gratitude journal this fall to help me stay accountable! If you think it will help ya too then I encourage you to do it too!!!! Hmmmmm, maybe a grateful group for my next free group?!?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Whatcha think?