Sarah Placencia

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Do I?


"Do I want to do this?...enough?"
"Am I worth it? I don't know if I have enough confidence in myself to do this..."
"What if I fail?" I don't want to let you down."

I hear those questions lingering in the minds of people who KNOW that being healthy is important....but those questions stop them. I know because it stopped me. I remember thinking 6 years ago..."I can't get a great workout at home!"..."ohhhh, no thanks this won't work for me...its one of those "online" things...."What if I don’t do well? Am I going to let people down?" "What if they judge me?" 

This mindset will continue your journey down a path of more doubts, more negativity and regret. I realized I did not want that for my life ANYMORE and everything changed when my WANT for change was greater than my WANT to stay the same. 

Fast forward a few years and now MOST of my workouts come from a program that I follow from START TO FINISH. I'm also doing this ONLINE thing making a full time income. I'm so glad I stopped listening to my doubts and I trusted that I COULD be successful at this. I'm healthier, happier and I found a tribe of people that keep me motivated to KEEP GOING. Huge Thanks to my fellow Coaches and fellow Virtual Fit-Clubbers!!! Ya'll changed my life πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜­πŸ’ŸπŸ˜˜

If you need support and a plan for success then reach out to me or a fellow Coach!!! It's no fun to "go it alone." . Trust me...I've tried that for too long. People need people to relate to the hard and to celebrate in the smallest and biggest successes. We ALL matter. Wanting more for your life is not selfish. It's a need that must be filled. Time will pass regardless, wouldn't you like to make it your BEST life possible? πŸ’ͺ😁