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What's Your Sacrifice?


Do you know what you need to give up for a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life!? Most people know what they would have if they achieved their goals but they rarely think about the sacrifice it takes. So let's take a step back and realize the REAL PRICE...because I am all about keeping it real with ya. ✌😘

So you want better health!? What's your sacrifice?!??
✔TIME... to schedule your workouts and NOT give in to the snooze...because you stayed up late netflixing. Again. 
✔INVESTMENT...Are you willing to invest in your health or are you going to keep going it alone? 
✔RELATIONSHIPS....You have toxic people in your life. They are sabotaging your efforts and maybe even making you emotionally unwell so you turn to food for comfort. Time to distance yourself. 
✔FALSE BELIEFS.....You have blamed circumstances, people, genetics....even the weather for your lack of motivation. Aren't you willing to give up what you can't control for what you CAN CONTROL....YET?

Seems a bit harsh but honestly your health is THAT important, not only for you but also for your loved ones. It's time to write out your goals and share them with some POSITIVE people that will have your back. I'm not saying its gotta be me....heck you might not even like me 🤣 & that's 👌 But I'm telling you anyway 👉 DON'T WAIT TILL ITS TOO LATE. We either live a life of FEAR, a life of REGRET or a life of HAPPINESS. Either get to decide YOUR FUTURE. Make it a happy one friend.💟💟💟