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Friendly Competition


Who likes a little friendly competition!?!? I do!!!!! So here we go!!!! 😉 For my Virtual Fit Club some of us started Prep week today! And for my Coaches and Clients we are doing a MOTIVATED MONDAY POST each week to say where we are on our journey!!!! 

It helps us to have the support and stating WHY we are gonna rock truthfully, I'm staying motivated because(well, its my job 😉) but after a month of travel I am so ready to get back to a routine!!!! And sugar.....yea....gotta cut back on that too! 😏😏😏

Btw, those that participate (also post what week they are on and tag ME) will be eligible to win a "FIT GIFT" From me EVERY WEEK!!!!! What the wha!?!?!!?!!? So let's rock it out! Looking forward to seeing you get your healthy on too!!!!!!!!#sweatwithsarah #thesweatlifewithsarah#virtualfitclub #virtualbootcamp