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There are 3 types of friends in your life...
💁‍♀️Acquaintance friends
💁‍♀️Maintenance friends 
💁‍♀️Growth friends

Being a former people pleaser I used to try to please EVERYONE...encourage them...inspire them to be happier and live more fulfilled lives. I hit a wall and hit it HARD. They brought me down to their level. I complained more. I doubted myself more. I was frustrated and blamed others for my OWN failures. It sucked and I KNEW Something needed to change. 

I decided to reach out to those who inspired me. Who seemed to have it all but were still humble, happy and kind. I stopped my jealous and envious mindset and decided I wanted to GROW into the best version of me. And over the years I have changed. I have attracted people who also want growth and we have better lives because of it. 😊😋😊 No, it wont happen over night but if you are searching for a community of DREAMERS and DO-ERS I am going live sharing my story for those who want to hear it. I have a PRIVATE group to get an inside look of what this community is about. Check out the link in the comments below or message me to get access to it.😉

Remember, if you decide to spend the MOST Time with "GROWTH" friends then you are more likely to be happier, more successful and have a more fulfilled life. So choose wisely and avoid the drama...the negative...the self limiting beliefs of some of your current "friends". Life is too short. Live it happy, generate joy and make a REAL DIFFERENCE in this world!!!!✊✊✊#onlincoaches #happylife #bestlife #livingthedream#everyday