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A Cleaner Lens


Too many times we try to control our situations which if we DON'T have control of and the outcome DOESN'T happen the way we want then we feel failure or we blame ourselves or others. Yea....a lose lose all around. 🤚🤚Whose got time for that!?!!!!?

In a world of uncontrollable situations I want you to know that you DO have control over YOUR mindset. Don't give away YOUR POWER to the bad times .Instead focus on what you CAN control and make your MINDSET MENTALLY STRONG So whatever you are faced with you KNOW it won't tear you down any longer. 

How do ya do that!?!?! Well energy is spent regardless so you MUST take away a bad habit to form a GOOD one. So what bad habit could you trade in for a good habit??? 
👌 in for a Gratitude journal.
👌Drama or a negative TV show trade in for a Personal development book (audio book counts too).
👌Confronting and not running from the HARD situation you have avoided so you can quicker move past it.
👌Instead of scrolling social media and comparing yourself to others "perfect" life write out your OWN affirmations daily before you go to bed. 
...maybe do ALL of those things? Your life is YOURS. Don't let other people or situations control it any longer. Happiness is all around. Search it out and create a mind that sees the world through a cleaner lens. 😘🙏 #wegotthis