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You skipped a step


BEST way to predict your future?!?!???!

Frickin' CREATE it!!!!

So you want to have an awesome week!? Right?! Ok then....Create a PLAN. I like to use Sunday afternoons for this. A few weeks ago I came up with "my perfect day" plan and it's helped me with staying on track with my goals. 

Try it!!!!! Write down what your PERFECT day looks like. Make a check mark list so you feel determined to check off every box. And in a week's time you will know what you CONTINUALLY miss or skip. Then next week move that skipped check mark box to the TOP of your list. What's holding you back might be the most important task you keep skipping.

You have been wanting results and that only happens when you take ACTION. So let's do what needs to be done in our minds, bodies and businesses!!!!!! #wegotgoals #strongertogether #coachlife #thesweatlifewithsarah