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Back on the Salad Train!

Time to get back on the salad train!!! We just ate at an Irish pub and instead of bangers and mash I opted for the salad. Still wayyyyy good.
I get it though, traveling can make eating healthy difficult BUUUUTTTT CAN be done!!!! Still had a s'more yesterday. (Cause I'm real). 
But I packed my super foods shakes-so that helps my budget & waistline #win and I also try to remember that most restaurants have great options!!!
Here are a few of my travel tips....


  •  Salads. Eat em'. Dressing on the side 
  •  YOU CAN get the burger or Pasta or Pizza or dessert....Just make sure you split and share your meal with someone. Half the price, half the calories. Yasssss.
  •  Water. ALL DAY ERR'DAY. I always pack my shaker cup. It's 25 oz. Aim for 3-4 of them!
  • Workouts!?!? Ummm yes! You're on vacay!! You finally have MORE time! Spend that time on YOU! With AWESOME home workouts being available everywhere like Beachbody On Demand you don't have a good enough excuse to NOT do it!!!! Screw it. Yes say "screw it!" If there's something you want to indulge in or take a rest day...or 3. Then DO IT! Being perfect is NOT PERFECT. Seriously enjoy your vacay and make some memories.  

Have a fun vacay!!!!