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Four Failed Businesses

Did you know that I have been involved in 4 Failed Businesses!? And actually probably more if I really think about it! lol. But ya know what!?!... taking those risks and trying was ALL worth it.

I know that I would not be where I am today if I hadn't tried. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't have the knowledge & wisdom that I learned from those failures without going for it.

So do I regret TRYING? Heck NO! Because of those failures I have found my career and everyday I wake up thinking 'how is THIS my job?!?' I sometimes ask myself 'Why didn't I take THIS risk and go for it years back?' And ya know what? Because I would have failed at it. THATS why. Gods timing is everything. I needed growth and needed to learn a few things before I could be in the right mindset to make THIS work. I'm so grateful now and know I wouldn't be as thankful for this opportunity without the struggles and heartache before. <3

With all that said- I really hope you take this as a sign to just DO IT! Whatever it is! And Im not saying you won't fail but it will get you closer to where YOU need to be. We only have a short time to live- so take risks. Try and Do and Fail- FORWARD. You got THIS <3