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Baby Got (Sore) Back?

Hey!! If you are doing my AWESOME ABS Challenge then you might be a bit sore, so I wanted to give you a tutorial of my favorite exercises to help alleviate back pain. :D 

Cat Cow pose
......get into table top position. Inhale and on the exhale move to arch and round your back as high up as you can. Take a breath then exhale, Inhale then on your next exhale move to cow pose and drop stomach low. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and tilt your head up just to stretch the neck...don't go so far you feel pain. Repeat one and a half breaths and on the exhale move back to the cat pose. Do this exercise for 2 minutes. 
Lie back in child's pose for one minute. ......

Bridge to Knee pull
.......Start in lying down position, knees right over heels, feet close together. Inhale and on the exhale slowly tighten lower abs and tilt hips up towardceiling. Imagine your back has 4 points touching the ground. Slowly lift butt, lower back, then middle, and upper back. Take one and half breaths. On your next exhale lower down, then go down in the same order (Tailbone still tucked under- very important). Then when hips reach down bring knees to chest for one and a half breaths. Repeat. Do this exercise for 2 minutes.



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