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Believe to Achieve


💕You have to BELIEVE it, before you can ACHIEVE it.💕

So ask yourself...."Do I BELIEVE in myself enough to show up even when I don't feel like it?!?!!" "Do I see myself hitting this specific goal?" "Do I understand that there will be hurdles along the way & do I have the stamina it takes to keep going?!" "Am I doing this for me or the naysayers?" "Am I going to let the negative opinions of others stop me?" "Is my life important enough to me to make this change?" "Do I want this change MORE than I want to stay the same?"

Those were the questions I asked myself before I took my health seriously and got into this business and for realz guys, I was scared beyond belief but one thing stuck out to me ....
You have to BELIEVE it to ACHIEVE it. And I BELIEVED I had the tools before me, I just needed to BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

I'm not saying you have to FEEL ready, I'm saying do you see yourself as achieving your goals or are you not even believing that it's even possible!?!?! Because the difference between people getting this ish done and those that have the same tools but end up quitting is BELIEVING they can do it...and THAT'S IT!

So before you up and buy the new Bowflex, sign up for the gym, go all in with this relationship, join my next challenge group or biz training you MUST ask yourself..... "Do I BELIEVE I can do this?" And f you don't see yourself hitting those goals then STOP. RIGHT.NOW. Dive into some personal development because your mind is the muscle that needs to be worked EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And those that have that little bit of belief....then what the FLIP are you waiting for!?!?!!?? Get after it!!!! Do you want to look back and think "what if...?!? If its the right thing you must have COURAGE to step outside your comfort zone. #yougotthis