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Late-Night Art


When's the last time you stayed up too late creating something fun?!?! Anybody else find creativity at night!?!? I usually do with choreography but felt like painting tonight!!!!!

Today was so fun and after walking around the cute little town of Roanoke and being inspired by art work I told Eddie we need to try to make art together. Turns out we aren't too bad (in my opinion anyway🤷🏽‍♀️). After a trip to Hobby Lobby we came back to the hotel with 24 acrylics, 10 paintbrushes and 5 canvases. 🤣 Eddie already sketched out all 5 ideas we decided on and we went to work. I'm showing ya our 2nd artwork..... Because the other isn't IG worthy🤣 Well it was good practice to say the least.

Hope your weekend has been fun too! Never forget you are never too old to try new things...or try things you think you suck at, because you might surprise yourself. 💕