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I See You and I Love You


I see you and I love you girl.

You don't have confidence because deep down you felt love wasn't real. 
You said at the age of 12 you wish you would die before you reached 40 because of the fighting and hate and lies in your house was not worth living through if that's what "growing up" meant. 

I see you, and I love you, girl.

You only thought love was given to you if you acted a certain way, so you lowered your standards and allowed negative people to control you. 

I see you and I love you, girl. 

You were also told you were getting fat by a teacher that then developed into an eating disorder that lasted over a decade.

I see you, and I love you girl because without going through those struggles I would have never found my strength and WANT for a better life. So thank you for not giving up on me. Without you, I would not be where I am today. I'm proud of us for being here together today, because girl we are just getting started 💕 💕💕