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Celebration, Not Punishment


My journey to self love and acceptance started with this sentence. I might not have believed it but I wanted to. It took over a decade to get here now and I'm SO HAPPY I didn't give up on myself. My tips....

#1 throw out the scale if you are abusing it.

#2 food journal EVERYTHING. When you binge there's actually an underlying issue that you aren't addressing. Toxic relationship or job maybe? Time to confront it, and NOT turn to food. Its hard, yea, but the alternative is not worth a lifetime of self hate, resentment & fear.

#3 Find support. Connect with those who have gone through those struggles. Loneliness and hiding IS NOT the way to go. There's help, but you have to want change ENOUGH to take action on it.

If you need support, I'm always here 💕💕💕