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Don't Give Up!


If someone told me 5 years ago that Eddie and I would both be getting paid to work from home doing what we both love I would have said YEEAAA RIGHT.... Now here we are- chilling at home, I'm catching up on messages while drinking my superfoods lunch & listening to Eddie Jokes while he games. Almost spit it up from him saying that he's "gotta hide from the fuzz" 🤣 then..."can I pet all the dogs!?!?" And proceeds to chase puppies around the park on the game Watchdogs 2. 🤣

Don't give up on your dreams friends, there's more opportunity than you realize. Great things ARE possible when you ask for help, learn how & jump in 100%. Stay consistent, stay committed & don't forget to be thankful along the way. 😘👌🏼 #gamer#onlinecoach #marriedmybestfriend