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Love Letter to Myself


I asked Eddie over the new year in what way could I become a better wife, Coach, Instructor, Friend and person.....Because if there's one thing I want to become this year , it's BETTER. So his response was ..."realize you are already awesome." 
I shot him down so fast when he told me that... with...."thanks but what can I ACTUALLY WORK ON.?!?!" 

It's not really hitting me until now what he meant by that. Am I living for the future or in THIS MOMENT? Am I Truly appreciating what I've accomplished so far!? And MAYBE giving myself more credit is that missing piece for me???? I always thought recognition of yourself as a very conceited thing, but is it!?!??! If I wasn't me but a friend of mine, I would shout Sarah out quite a bit .... I would tell her she's freaking crushing it. I would tell her that her strength on the inside matches her strength on the outside and I am inspired by her. EVERYDAY. I would tell her I love her and despite her broken home and heartache she grew up in, she did not let the word VICTIM become her. Even on the days it's hard. She looks for the good in people. She loves them. She wants the best for them. She also makes the best PUPPY CHOW I've ever had. Yea.....when I think about it, I'm pretty blessed to know and also be Sarah. 

I didn't mean for this post to be a love letter to my self. But hey, tbh it feels pretty good and I'd recommend for you to do it it too. Step outside yourself. Look at the love you bring to this world... Isn't that enough to love yourself back? I think it is. 💓💕💓 #mindsetreset #transform2k19