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Never Again


Alright ya'll. Its time to upgrade our self talk going forward because if we continue to beleive lies, then NOTHING CHANGES. 
Here's my list that you WILL NEVER hear me say again. And if ya do. I will buy ya a coffee πŸ˜

"I'm not good at this, sorry if it's not the best."
"I'm a slow learner."
"I'm not motivated enough."
"I'm not good at organization."
"I don't think I can hit that goal in my business." 

Ya hear that!?!!? All that negative self talk!?!!?? Gross right!?!!?😰😰😰 I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this so I'm saying NEW TRUTHS to myself daily to change my thoughts, which in turn change my actions which also leads to a better mindset and better results!!!! 

So, I challenge you to say it too......
"I'm a great wife, sister friend, fitness instructor and Coach and I am becoming better everyday!!!!!"
"I'm a FAST learner and have learned so much over the last few years and I'm excited to take on more challenges!!!!"
"I'm NOT sorry for being who I am. I was created to become GREAT. So lets go!!!!"
I'm a pro at organization and becoming better everyday and I improve daily by working from a list."
"I hit EVERY goal in my business because I show up to do my best and my best is always ENOUGH."

Alright, those are my new truths. I would love to hear one of your NEW truths below!!!!! Lets support eachother EVEN MORE in 2019!!!!!!!#transform2k19 #mindsetreset #transformationweek