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Ya ever notice the more you eat pizza or burgers or ice cream the MORE you crave it!?!? Well the same is true for HEALTHY foods too!!! 

It’s true y'all, your taste buds CAN change and even if you say.... "I CANT eat veggies"... I want you to re-word it and say "I WONT eat veggies. " Because it's a choice. Dont forget you have and always WILL have choice to eat cleaner. So, either you will or you won't. #truthbomb 

If you are REALLY WANTING to become healthier then be willing to to eat healthier & introduce veggies everyday into your diet!!!! Here’s a few tips that worked for me......

♡Add seasonings!!! Fresh thyme, rosemary and sage are a good mix, the fresher the better too. 😉

♡Try cooking it differently. Instead of sauteeing try baking them at 375 for 15-25 min. Brussel sprouts and broccoli taste better to me that way.

♡Sneak it in!!! Usually a cup of spinach isn't even tasted in a smoothie!!!!! 

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