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Detox Day 2


I'm not a cook, but I can cut a veggie....almost with no accidents. 🤣✊

So it's day 2 of my vegan detox....feeling pretty good. I decided to not cook my veggies today and went with some guacamole tacos!!!! 
I was going to use endive for chips, but they didn't have any at the store! 🙊 So I found this endive looking lettuce called NAPA🤷‍♀️Meh, so what the hey!!??! I like trying new things. And guys.....

THIS.WAS.AMAZING!!!!! Here's the ingredients if ya want to try it!

🥑NAPA(whatever that is) for the taco part
🥑Diced yellow onion
🥑Cherry tomatoes
Seasonings: Cumin, salt and pepper

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