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Coming from a recovering NOT push your body SO HARD day after day that your body CAN'T recover!🤚🤚 I was reminded of my own physical limits this weekend and I'm so thankful that I CAN have recovery time. Because that wasn't always the case...
When I was teaching 15+ classes a week I was NOT treating my body right. All the while I was eating a lot of food to try to make up for it. (And let's be real. I really freakin love food😍😂) I THOUGHT I was doing OK because "Yea....I "LOOKED" I must "BE" fit, right!!?!?!? 
It wasn't until I started REALLY listening to my body that I realized I was doing WAY MORE HARM THAN GOOD. So things needed to change. I stopped teaching as much, but I have to be honest....a year and a half ago when I stopped teaching that many classes I was worried about 2 things...
👉#1 how the heck am I going to stay fit! ..because my body is used to sweating so much...and..
👉#2 the food!?!?! Will I still be able to eat!!?!??!! 
The answer is YES. We CAN train less and YES we CAN eat and YES we CAN get results!!!! I work out now 4-5 days a week....30-40 min each day!!!!! I'm AMAZED at what my body CAN do when I treat it right. Do you need to start treating your body right too?!?!💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ Because you AREN'T ALONE!!!! I'm not only looking for 10 new clients but I'm looking for people who ALSO want to help their friends and family. I run my Virtual Fit Clubs WITH the people I mentor. My Training and Coaching is free. You just do the same program I am doing! If you are ready for a positive healthy change then reach out ASAP! My next Virtual Fit Club starts in September 2nd. Let's get results TOGETHER! ðŸ˜˜