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Happy Monday friend!!! Today I hope to encourage you to live in happiness and gratefulness because it's not Happy people who have it's people who choose to be grateful for what they already have who are the happiest. 

Today I'm grateful for family I get to see often. Today I'm grateful for a job I love. Today I'm grateful for the chances I've taken to get to where I am. Today I'm thankful I search out and see the positive in situations and not listening to my negative self limiting beliefs.

To become HAPPIER it doesn't have to take years. It happens in the seconds of your day. Think about taking 1 minute to make a short list of what makes you grateful. Please share ONE thing in the comments you are grateful for! 👇👇👇 Your mood WILL change for the better. Be blessed and not stressed friends 😘👌 #celebratehappiness#blessednotstressed