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Start Doing


Most people will quit their goals and dreams before they even begin because being a PERFECTIONIST means you also are a QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION. oouuuccchhhh...hurt a little bit!?!?! Then I'm probably talking to YOU!!! (nothing but love, k!?) 

No, you don't have to be perfect to just have to start! And your fear of SUCKING?!? Yeah, that's inevitable. Get over it. We ALL stuck. We are human. I haven't washed my hair in days. I'm over it.👸 And your fear of what others think!? UMMMMMMM People are too caught up worried about how they appear to others no. THEY DON'T CARE. 😏

So DO IT already!!! No more PLANNING. No more Talking about it. No more meetings. If you think you need to "wait till you are ready"....then guess what!?!?! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN FOR YOU. That's the truth. 

Ok y'all pep talk.....
💁‍♀️Waiting for a sign to get become healthier? Here it is!!
💁‍♀️Waiting for a sign to ask for that promotion at work. Here it is!!!
💁‍♀️Waiting for a sign to become an entrepreneur and partner with something you are passionate about. Here it is!!
💁‍♀️Waiting for someone to open that door for you!? ✋✋✋Get over derrrrn yourself and knock that door down YOURSELF you grown adult! 

Adulting wasn't meant to be EASY. It's meant to CONTINUE to grow you. There's no ceiling on what you CAN DO. What you do TODAY can help lead you down the path of AWESOME. So stop stopping. START DOING. ✌😉 #onlinecoach #stopstopping#startdoing