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I was going to say...."oh look, enough for lunch tomorrow." But nahhhhhh. I ate this whole plate.😂😂😂 I'm gonna give it to ya real folks. Yes I eat pizza, burgers pasta...all the things those popular "diets" don't allow. I'm not about that. Thank you very much. But what I do instead has worked for me. I practice intermittent fasting(I've been doing it for 30 years, and plz don't think I jumped on the keto/Atkins bandwagon mmmmmmkaaayyyy?!🤣😉) I just kept to something that works for me and hey if it helps you too then great. Here's what I do....

  • # 1 I don't eat breakfast. Instead its 2 cups of coffee with half and half
  • #2 around 2 I drink my superfoods smoothie that freaking changed my life..I've not had fruit loops since. No joke. I drink it almost ERRDAY and add my fruit and PB to it. (That's my big meal #1)
  • #3 I eat dinner around 8(that's my other big meal #2) its hello fresh or a big salad with enough protein to keep me full (or its pizza and salad 😉✌
  • #4 if I want a treat its usually my pb& choc bar around 11pm. 

That's it. No counting cals or cutting out whole food groups. This is just me trying to listen to my body and on the days I don't eat as well I feel like crap for a few days. So instead of 4 slices of pizza, it's a big salad and 2 slices of pizza. And if I want a burger AND the fries I skip the bread. 

😘Hope that helps y'all. Because healthy and happy SHOULD go together....just like fries and a burger 😂😂😂