Sarah Placencia

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Let's (Not) Get Small


Never make yourself smaller for the "comfort" of others. 

When we dream big and talk about exciting goals....."Friends" might say ..."Good for you!" Then you are hustling to become who you were always meant to be .....when you hear...
"Why do you work so hard?"
"It doesn't seem to be working." 
"I think you are wasting your time." 

Do you really believe them?!!?! Listen to me Dreamer and Do-er...👉👉👉DO NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T SUCCEED AT WHAT YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS!👈👈👈 
Oh snap....yes this is YOUR journey. No one else's. If you aren't encouraged by your friends then guess what!? Ya need better friends!!! If your friends make you feel small then just smile and say. "Thanks for the feedback!" Then IGNORE IT!!! Work hard for a better life for YOU...not them.