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Good day for coffee and chillin" with the cat. â˜•ðŸ˜â˜•Eddie is in Nashville this weekend celebrating his 300th episode on the Podcast, Married to the Games. It makes me so happy that he's got awesome guy friends from all over the world to be able to meet up and hang with.

I thought about going but it's so important for us to have time also apart. Don't get me wrong I love my man to the moon and back but we don't MAKE each other go to things we don't really want to go to. You won't see him at Coach Summit or the Zumba Convention.....because I love him too much to MAKE him do things. Seriously, I think that's what makes our relationship easy. When you are married to the right person you feel free and you are able to be the best version of you and you don't expect or MAKE your loved ones do things. You love them. You respect them. You are thankful for them. You ask for help when it's needed. Relationships mirror themselves so practice the golden rule and you will be golden 😘😘 #treatothersthewayyouwanttobetreated