Sarah Placencia

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One at a Time


One thought, action and result at a time.
I think a lot of people think that the healthy life means sacrifice and not allowing yourself good things. But in reality you should "over crowd" your day with positive choices that way there is little time or space left for negative choices. 
Think about it. ALL things we do come from a choice. 
💕Its a choice to disengage in gossip and bring up a positive convo.
💕Its a choice to pile veggies in your plate and over crowd the pasta and unnecessary carbs. 
💕Its a choice to choose to go on a walk with a friend rather than have a big lunch. 
💕Its a choice to reach out to someone who inspires you. And learn from them.
💕Its a choice to split the dessert, rather than have regrets later.
💕Its a choice to do the "harder" thing NOW that way life will be easier years from now. 
Focus in the choice and ALWAYS weigh the outcome. Is it worth it? Well that's up to you💕