Sarah Placencia

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Better Starts Today


Drive and determination will overcome MORE OVER TIME than Talent ever will. Stop comparing yourself to someone who has talent. What do you want to become better at!? What do you want to become successful at?

Write it down. Schedule it and KNOW that
Success lies in the small simple tasks done OVER AND OVER. Success happens when we MAKE THE DECISION to show up and realizing that if I miss One day, then I miss EVERYDAY &The way I do one thing is the way I do everything. I'm committed or I'm not. There's NO MIDDLE. 

So ask yourself.....Do I schedule MY success!?!?! Do I ACTUALLY make time for a BETTER life Or Do I give that time to my excuses!?!??

Start with ONE goal. RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

✊Be a better friend......message or text or call a friend and check in on them.
✊Be a better spouse....when's the last time you gave a foot rub? Yea. Do it. 
✊Be a better boss... ask to listen to the needs of others. Offer to help.
✊Be a better employee. Do your best and ask yourself...would I hire me? 
✊Be better to better foods so your body is able to perform better. Get enough rest and Workout 30 min a day. 
✊Become BETTER at something you are PASSIONATE about. You do that by learning from someone who Is BETTER at that passion. Watch them. Ask HOW. And make time for that passion EVERYDAY.