Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.



It's funny to think that a once gym ONLY girl thought she could ONLY get in shape from fitness classes and equipment at the gym. 🤣😅💪😉 #false 
Don't get me wrong I still love teaching Pound and Zumba from time to time but I will always enjoy my gym time at home... I got my music. I can wear less clothes 🤣#lesslaundry ... And I don't worry about who left sweat on a gym machine or mat before I did.😱😱😱 Listen, People can bash home workouts all day but it's not untill they fully commit to a Virtual Fit Club where they see their OWN transformation and become a believer like I did. 
Are you in a plateau!? Reach out to me sometime. I've got another VFC starting in July. 💪😘