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Back on Track


After tacos, nachos and sangria I'm ready to be back on track tudhh-day!! 👌👌👌
What's important to me is to have a treat meal about 2x a week. The fit life should NEVER involve deprivation. It's all about finding balance and WANTING to treat your body right so it can run more efficiently.
Sometimes that quick fix or treat is worth it, but planning it out is what makes that treat or cheat more enjoyable. 😉 I know some ppl plan out their healthy eating but I kinda do the opposite. I plan out my treats 😂😂😂 as long as 85% of the week is clean then that %15 can be whatevs. At least that's what I have found works for me! 
Yea I'm sluggish today and I knew I would be but I'm making a conscious effort to get back to my superfoods shake and drink plenty of water and eat my veggies so that by tomorrow I can FEEL back to normal. 💪😉 Lets make it a great week ppl!!!!! 💕💙💕