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Flex Friday


Freakin' Flex Friday ALMOST didn't happen. I was feeling wayyy behind in work then I went to update my Zumba playlist for tomorrow and somehow DELETED MY ZUMBA PLAYLIST FROM ITUNES!!!!!!!! What the whaaaaaaaaaa!?!??!? So yea. I spent about 4 hours finding my songs and using YouTube to remind me what songs I had.🤔😟😤😢😭 Ok......enough complaining after 4 hours I was done. I needed a sweat sesh to get me back in the RIGHT mindset. Seriously it helps to just SHUT YOUR BRAIN OFF. Tomorrow will be amazing. Zumba will be amazing. I'm willing it to happen. I'm thankful I found some songs and it's gonna rock tomorrow ✊ Happy thoughts 😉😉😉😉
Btw.....teaching 4 master classes this month. Check out for the GARRET INDIANA, LANCASTER PENNYSLYVA AND SEATTLE, WA CLASSES 😉😍😉 WOULD love to sweat with ya!!!!!!